Beautiful Work: Picasso and Cubism in Year 2

IGS Year 2 students have been studying Picasso's artworks and portraying some of his subjects in a similar style.

Year 2 Teacher Nancy Gagliano was impressed by her students’ beautiful work.

“They asked my advice about how to improve their first drafts. They had an example next to them, and tried to reproduce the bold lines, colours and shapes,” she said.

Students enjoyed the exercise:

Max: Picasso was a famous artist because all of his paintings were different to all the others, because he was using the body parts in different spots. Picasso’s first word was “pencil”. Learning about Picasso inspired me to make different types of artworks.

Poppy: We have been making portraits in the Picasso way, Cubism, which is when you put lots of shapes in a picture. Instead of being a full nose, you make a square. I think the guitar picture was really fun, because you followed the shape of the guitar, and we did some shades of colours.

Max: I found the guitars interesting because blue used to be my favourite colour and they look really cool. I found the lines a bit tricky.

Elliot: I really like Picasso, because my mum’s an artist and she teaches me about art. I especially loved the Three Musicians, because in the holidays I did collages out of pictures from magazines. I enjoyed the portrait one, because Cubism is my favourite art style. It’s all shapes.

Arkie: I liked using my imagination, shapes and colours. It’s different.

Maya: I always enjoy art. It’s the creativity of it. I found Cubism interesting, because it’s just all shapes.