Beautiful Work: Mapping and geographical features

Year 9 Elective Geography students have commenced their learning for the year with a unit on the Geography of Africa.

Students will investigate some of Africa’s major geographical features such as the Great Rift Valley, the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert.

They will study the major tectonic forces that have shaped the landscape, and examine the role of global air circulation in connecting climatic conditions in the Congo Rainforest and the Sahara Desert.

Students will learn about the people of Africa and the forces that have changed their lives over time.

A case study of Somalia will highlight the challenges that some communities face in achieving a better life, and suggest why some traditional fishers have turned to piracy in recent years.

To commence the unit, students completed a range of mapping activities to learn about the countries of Africa. Some students were able to learn the names and locations of all of Africa’s countries in one lesson.

We especially congratulate Will, who was able to name and locate all of the world’s 197 countries in an early lesson.

It’s the first time one of Jonathan White’s students has achieved this in the first lesson.