Beautiful Work: Investigations into nature

Early Learning children have shared their thoughts and ideas about plants, trees and other natural aspects of the world.

Educator (German) Sonja Wiedenmaier has led Early Learning children on an investigation into nature.

As the children began to think more deeply about nature, Educators asked the children to the share their thoughts and ideas about plants, flowers, trees and other natural aspects of our world.

“The process of creating a mind map offers a unique set of concepts that are just so vital in preparing our children becoming world ready citizens,” Early Learning Educator Sonja Wiedenmaier said.

“The value of processing, communicating and planning ideas as a collective group are imperative foundation skills that they will take beyond IGS. 

“It is during these experiences that we offer our children with many opportunities to engage in rich and meaningful open dialogue; recognising and valuing each others’ contributions.

“Being exposed to a range of perspectives and theories, in turn challenging traditional ways of their thinking, encourages children to find ways to problem solve and decide on what to explore first that is just, fair and inclusive.”

Sonja said the children have been engaged in the drawing of natural elements, including plants and flowers. They have also enjoyed planting their own seeds in different parts of the School.