Beautiful Work in Years 9 and 10 Textiles and Design

Years 9 and 10 Textiles and Design students have created beautiful work in the final weeks of Term 4.

Textiles Teacher Ms Casey and Year 9 students are finishing the year with a mini project involving completing millinery pieces, learning some of the arts of hat making.

Students have been using different types of materials such as feathers, beads, fabric, flowers and pompoms. Students are taking inspiration from different sources such as underwater, spring, and clowns.

Year 10 Textiles students took their recently completed duffle bags home.

“Now that it’s finally time to travel again, the students are looking forward to utilising their duffle bags,” said Textiles and Design teacher Ksenija Doic.

Year 10 are finishing Term 4 with a project of their own choice.

“Students have decided on various projects including, zipper pieces, draped dresses, as well as mini weavings.”