Beautiful Work in Year 9 musical theatre

Year 9 Drama students staged a musical theatre extravaganza in their final weeks of Term 4.

“It was a fabulous, energetic morning of theatre and a phenomenal display of the effort from the Year 9 performers,” said Drama Teacher Megan Sampson.

“We saw performances of classic and contemporary musicals with dynamic and engaging choreography and expert lip syncing under COVID restrictions.”

Caitlin Elliot who performed Actually Dead from the musical Fan Girls, said she really enjoyed watching the Year 9 musical extravaganza.

“All the performances were very unique and fun. The choreography was strong and well thought through. It brought smiles to everyone’s faces and we were all singing and dancing for the rest of the day,” she said.

Frankie Atree-Williams also performed Actually Dead from the musical Fan Girls.

“I thought that the performances from the musical theatre topic were very enjoyable. Everyone put in lots of effort and had so much fun. Drama this year has been very good and I hope everyone who took Drama this year agrees,” said Frankie.

“It was a joy to see students in Year 9 passionate about performing their beautifully slick and well-choreographed musical theatre numbers in full costume with lights and sound. The audience was dancing in their seats, said Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito.