Beautiful Work in Year 4 drama

Year 4 Gold is participating in creative drama workshops over seven weeks in Term 2 in collaboration with the Sydney Theatre Company.

IGS Year 4 Teacher Teresa Bertoli said students have been exploring the tools of drama, including body, voice and imagination, through the picture book, Marshall Armstrong is New to our School by David Mackintosh.

The story focuses on diversity, inclusion, respect, harmony and risk-taking.

Chiara: “The thing I have enjoyed the most is when we wrote a script and performed Marshall’s lunch,”  

Arlo: “The thing I have enjoyed the most is getting to work with my friends and miming with them.”  

Oliver: “I have learnt a lot about drama, especially facial expressions.”  

Marcus: “Our drama workshops are fun and exciting.”  

 Miranda: “Our drama workshops are so much fun, I wish we could do them more often.”