Beautiful Work in Visual Arts

Year 7 Visual Arts students have been investigating the world of insects in their artmaking unit 'Bugging Out!' during off-campus learning,

“IGS Visual Arts Teachers Ms Robinson and Ms Lampert have been working with their Year 7 Visual Arts classes to create some astounding drawings of creepy crawlies,” Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford said.

“Throughout art history, insects have played a small but notable role in many famous paintings and drawings and were especially popular in the Art Nouveau movement during the early 20th Century.

“The shiny, sectioned bodies and colourful wings of these tiny creatures made for wonderful ornamental and decorative components in artmaking, and Year 7 have recreated some of these in great detail and style.

“Working across a range of materials and using any surfaces and papers that they could find, students created incredibly beautiful mini-works that truly make us appreciate the delicate wonders of our natural world. Whether you like bugs or not, these artworks are undeniably beautiful.”