Beautiful Work in Theatresports

Congratulations to the IGS Intermediate Theatresports Team for making it through to the Semi-Finals.

IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito congratulated the talented Intermediate Theatresports Team of Harriet Tonkin, Jack Scott-Hickie, Daniel Orlay, Antigone Marchbank and Laith Al Hatu, as well as their excellent coach, former IGS Head Boy and Theatresports player Lukian Adams (2018).

“They trained and played excellently and will now proceed to the next round of the competition,” Rita said. “Their rehearsals, crazy costumes, Shakespeare insults and beautiful team efforts were well rewarded.”

Lukian said he was proud of the group for coming third in their first heat.

“They made us laugh with their farcical depiction of a rogue bicycle salesman, they made us cry with a touching graffiti tribute to a lost grandfather, done in slow-motion, and they made us gasp at a baby-swapping debacle,” Lukian said.

“But most of all, they showed us that the spirit of Shakespeare is not yet dead in their final scene, which was awarded a score of 14, one point off a perfect score. Expect to see them in the grand final soon.”

“It was really incredible to get to interact with all the teams during the workshop beforehand, and then, to watch them onstage was like stepping into a whole new world. Everybody shone as actors; all of it was hilarious,” IGS student Harriet Tonkin said.

Laith Al Hatu said the Theatresports competition was a great experience. He said he enjoyed the opportunity to improve on his acting skills.

“Seeing all the other actors and schools perform has shown me many forms of Theatresports. The whole experience was great,” Laith said.

Student Antigone Marchbank said a highlight was when she had just completed the three-minute Shakespeare scene and saw the judges raise their 5/5 signs.

“We all literally jumped with joy,” Antigone said. “I couldn’t have wished for a better first comp experience.”

Daniel Orlay said “the nerves, the excitement, and the enjoyment” were remarkable.