Beautiful Work in Sustainability Club

The IGS After School Eco Warriors Club had a great time in Term 1 talking all things sustainability.

IGS Primary Teacher Sarah Elwasfi said the students asked many big questions including, can one person make a difference, how do we make others care more and how can we make IGS a greener school?

“We watched and discussed the documentary the War on Waste and we were a little concerned about what we saw,” Ms Elwasfi said.

“We went around the school and did a bin audit and we noticed that the bins had a mix of trash and paper. From this we made a pledge to use the bins correctly, we have been inviting children to sign it and we hope this helps remind children to take care and pay attention to the bins they use.

“We tie dyed some old tea towels and clothing, they turned out great. We made our own pots from clay and propagated plants to give them to teachers so they can have a plant on their desk. We made posters and wrote a letter to IGS Principal Shauna Colnan and the students were so excited to receive a reply. She even came and met with us so that our voices could be heard.”

The students look forward to doing more fun things in Term 2. In particular, they are looking forward to creating a video, and looking at compost, as well as building a bush tucker garden on the roof.