Beautiful Work in Robotics Club

It's all systems go in the IGS Robotics Club.

“Thursday lunch times have never been so much fun,” said Design and Technology Teacher Mark Devine.

“Students are busy designing and making their own robot chassis, mounting motors, drive trains and actuators, all to be coded before they go into a series of skill tests and battle it off for the title of ‘best robot’.”

What have you enjoyed about being apart of Robotics IGS (Rigs)?

William: I enjoy working in small groups and solving problems.

Mathew: I enjoy being the quickest at putting motors on my chassis.

Tom: I enjoy hanging out with friends and building things.

Noah: I enjoy the freedom and fun of getting the opportunity to build my own robot with the challenge of limited parts.

What have you learnt this term at Rigs?

William: I learnt how to use intermeshing gears.

Mathew: I learnt patience and how to share.

Tom: I learnt how to use tools and build robots.

Noah: I learnt how to build a robot.

What is the best part of robotics club?

William: Getting to use my engineering brain at School.

Mathew: Getting to be myself around friends.

Tom: Building robots.

Noah: Robotics is a creative and different opportunity unlike other clubs.

What would you say to anyone thinking about doing robotics club?

William: Robotics is a good club for people who want to collaborate and solve problems.

Noah: It’s a fun hobby if you enjoy electronics. Take a look!

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