Beautiful Work: A convincing win for HICES debaters

Congratulations to the IGS Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES) Year 7 debating team who have won their first debate of the season.

Students battled it out on the topic: That holding a current first aid certificate should be prerequisite for obtaining a drivers’ license. They were the negative team.

They debated via Zoom against St Spyridon College.

The team included Delphine, Edie, Zainab, Charlie and Kai.

“I enjoy debating as it gives you a way to learn, have fun and develop many skills for the future,” said Zainab.

“I was very happy because we all supported each other and worked together so that our points made sense and helped us win the debate.”

The IGS Senior team had a bye and our open team won due to a forfeit. We wish them all the best for future rounds.