Beautiful Work from Year 9 Art students

Year 9 Visual Arts students have recently completed a series of beautiful Canopic Jars.

“These impressive ceramic vessels were inspired by the ancient Egyptian process of mummification,” Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford said.

“Canopic jars were originally used by the Egyptians to store the viscera of their owners as they moved into the afterlife! I’m sure Year 9 will find a more practical use. 

“Although historically carved from limestone, our Year 9 students hand-sculpted their own jars using earthenware clay, before firing them at high temperature in the Art Department’s kiln.

“Students then decorated their jars with beautifully sculpted and glazed likenesses of animals; each creature acting as a guardian of the jar’s contents.”

Congratulations to Ms Robinson, Ms Lampert and the Year 9 Visual Arts students for such gorgeous (if goulish) ceramics creations.