Beautiful Work from Miyazaki

IGS Year 6 student Miyazaki has reached out to the Goodooga community she visited with IGS before the latest lockdown.

Miyazaki visited the community earlier this year when 29 IGS Year 6 students and five IGS staff participated in a cultural immersion program with Goodooga Central School.

Students travelled by coach via the Western Plains Zoo on Wiradjuri Country, then headed out to Goodooga on Yuwaalaraay Country as part of the IGS and GCS Schools Walking Together Program.

Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Residents of Goodooga,

We have heard that Goodooga has gone into lockdown. We are saddened, as we know your community is so kind and everyone works together!

It’s devastating how much this pandemic is affecting everyone. But especially Goodooga and other similar communities.

We know that you have to drive a whole hour long trip just to get to Lightning Ridge for some of the essentials that we in Sydney often take for granted.

But stay strong! Every single person in Goodooga is a pillar of the community, and no matter how hard things get, it’s vital that everyone helps each other through these tough times.

Whether that means chatting to a neighbour through a window or taking advantage of the extra time at home by hanging out with family, we know you will all find ways to make this lockdown bearable!

I recommend spending time with family, but also drawing, because taking out your feelings on paper is beneficial for lots of people. If it doesn’t work for everyone though, that’s okay! But we believe in you!

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality when we stayed with you, we are all wishing that you stay safe and content.

Well done, Miyazaki!