Beautiful Work from Drama students

In Term 3, the IGS Drama students have shown immense creativity and resilience.

“Year 9 undertook animal movement studies before launching into realist acting studies and Year 7 explored The Rabbits by creating animate and inanimate scenes on Zoom,” IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said.

“Year 12 recorded their Individual Performances for the Trial HSC Examination, which was presented to external examiners. Their ability to adapt and modify their work was a credit to them.” 

“We will showcase all the Drama Major works, inclusive of the submitted projects, Film, Design, Script, and Critical Analysis in an online exhibition in Term 4.”

Year 11 tested their Individual Project passions by creating films, performances, costume designs, theatre reviews and lighting designs.

“Their in-depth studies have helped them to decide where their strengths lie for their upcoming HSC year,” Rita said.

“Year 10 astounded me with their ability to truly adapt. They would usually be involved in developing scene work during Term 3. Some students chose to pursue monologue performance work, finding the group performance prospect on Zoom too problematic in an already challenging time.

“This was a valid choice and some beautiful work has been created. Those who dared to develop Zoom group scenes created works that took us all by surprise. Despite the many challenges, works were created that seemed to be happening in one room.

“By carefully curating their environments the students ensured that we the audience could suspend disbelief and immerse ourselves into their world. Actors seemed to pass scarves, necklaces, pens and loudspeakers seamlessly to one another via Zoom.”

“Their attention to detail was incredible. Mood and atmosphere were heightened through clever lighting and sound choices. Their creative decisions showed me their collaboration and critical problem-solving skills in action.”