Beautiful Work: French students explore creativity

An abundance of beautiful work can be found in the IGS languages classes.

French Teacher Gabriela Melocco tasked her students with a listening activity, where they enjoyed a guided drawing lesson of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

“Year 6 are learning about living beings in French,” Ms Melocco said.

“They are learning how to discuss different kinds of animals such as mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The end goal for this topic is for students to confidently discuss an animal in regards to its classification, physical characteristics, habitat and behaviours.” 

Ms Melocco congratulated French student Lulu who created a standout cover page.

“This cover page exercise was purely a listening exercise to start off the term. It tested students’ understanding of French, and their ability to then follow instructions and produce ‘La Tour Eiffel’.”


Lulu said she loves learning French at IGS.

“I started at IGS one year ago and I have been doing French from the day I started,” she said.

“I love doing all the fun games we play and playing Kahoot! I absolutely love playing Quizlet! I love French because of the amazing readers we all get given and the fun French word searches.

“I also really enjoy decorating cover pages, titles and lots more in my French book. I have done art from when I was very young and I have always loved it.

“I love art because of all the possibilities there are and how many types and styles you can do.

“In 2019 I competed to get one of my artworks about littering and recycling to be on a truck that would drive around informing people about it. I placed as ‘runner up’ which I was very happy about.”