Beautiful Work: Early Learners lead the way for newcomers

IGS Early Learning Educators reflected on the wonderful way our returning students are welcoming and including newcomers.

IGS Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert said it was a joy to watch the children take on leader roles, show initiative and share play resources.

Early Childhood Teacher Victoria Willett said the children returning to IGS arrived with smiles, ready to see their friends and continue their learning experiences.

“They have grown in confidence and are taking the new children under their wings as they show them around the Centre,” Victoria said.

“It’s wonderful to see some siblings play together. The children are taking great responsibility caring for the new members of the IGS community and we have enjoyed  welcoming new children each day over the past week.”

This year new children have commenced in the Centre in small groups, over several days. This has enabled teachers and educators to provide personalised attention to children and communication with families during this settling in period.