Beautiful Work: Collaboration deepens learning

In Week 5 of Term 1, Year 7 PDHPE students studying Digital Citizenship were excited to have their parents participate.

As part of their homework, students were asked to discuss with parents and carers the various social media platforms they are currently using.

IGS PDHPE Teacher Lucy Haynes said the task enables parents to stay informed and keep communication channels open.

“Students presented a five-minute tutorial to their parents on their chosen platform, and parents were then asked to read over and complete information from the e-safety website,” Lucy said.

Parents had to list three things that they found out, two interesting things and one question they still have.

“It has been great to hear the students talk openly and confidently about the conversations they had while helping their parents and carers complete the task,” Lucy said.

Lucy hopes this task will start a few more conversations about students’ use of social media.

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