Beautiful Work at the Textiles and Design Showcase

Year 10 Textiles and Design students showcased their impressive duffle bags at an exhibition this week.

This showcase was part of the Year 10 Wanderlust Travel Bag unit that involved students creating their own bag using hand-picked fabric, and designing a unique internal lining.

“The inside and outside of the bags tell specific visual stories and some students chose to make accessories and hand-dye their fabrics”, said Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford.

“My favourite part of this unit is the freedom we get as young textile art designers to create and bring our designs to reality,” IGS Textiles and Design student Charlotte Waley said.

“My bag was inspired by the contemporary designer Jeremy Scott and his fashion label Moschino, along with pop culture and street art of New York, as well as the bright colours of the 1980’s.”

Student Matilda Menzies was inspired by three things while creating her duffle bag, Japanese culture, 60’s fashion and contemporary Japanese artist Katsushi Hokusai.

“During the creation of the duffle bag, the zipper was the most challenging part as that was a new skill I learnt,” Matilda said.

“My favourite part of the unit would either be researching and learning about new aspects of Japanese culture and fashion and the practical part of the unit, as I found sewing the bag very fun and interesting.”

Faraday Richmond said the outside of her duffle bag was inspired by traditional Indian patterns.

“I love the designs and patterns found in their dresses, fabric and buildings,” Faraday said.

View a gallery of images from the Textiles and Design Showcase below.