Beach safety class a winner

IGS Year 7 students recently enjoyed a beach safety course at Maroubra Beach.

Audrey said the surf life-saving education course was really fun.

“I enjoyed it very much,” Audrey said. “It was probably the best excursion I have had at school. This should continue happening each year for Year 7 as it helps you learn lots of valuable lessons for years to come.”

Breeze: It was a really fun, hot day at the beach. I really enjoyed playing the games and going in the water. My favourite part about the beach was going surfing in the water… We learned different techniques about surfing and safety instructing. All my classmates really enjoyed it, and so did I.

Janna: The surf life-saving education course was extremely fun and an experience I will never forget. It was definitely one of the highlights of this term and a wonderful way to celebrate Year 7. I tried many new activities that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Overall I recommend all Year 7s that attend IGS should have the opportunity to do this water safety course as it encourages teamwork and teaches you new skills whilst testing your confidence.

Kyan: It was really fun and enjoyable I had so much fun on the beach playing flags, doing the obstacle course and going in the water to surf and swim. I mainly enjoyed swimming and going on the boogie boards that was really fun because I could actually ride it to shore, unlike on the surfboards.