B Kinder Day shares the love

IGS Kindergarten students were among many writing cards on B Kinder Day.

“We had cards for Jesus, Aboriginal people, friends who lost their dog, family members who lost a loved one, best friends, parents and more!” said Kindergarten Teacher Christie Osmond.

Students across all year groups had the opportunity to write a message of kindness to someone important to them, in tutor groups and Primary school classrooms.

B Kinder Day was inspired by Billie Kinder, a 12-year-old girl who was always happy, cheerful and kind, who tragically died in a horse-riding accident. Billie created the artwork for the cards.

Her mother, Danny Mayson-Kinder, decided that in honor of her daughter, she would create B Kinder Day to empower children to make a difference in the world.

During this day, children in schools discuss the meaning of kindness, create “Fly High Billie” greeting cards for people they care about and take parts in secret acts of kindness for the people they love.

B Kinder Day emphasizes the message of hope, empathy, and change in the world. The purpose of B Kinder Day is to show the rippling effects of kindness. It was created hoping that schools all over the world would participate in the event.

IGS was one of the first schools to celebrate B Kinder Day. Student Grace Truman is a proud ambassador for this worth cause, and many students wore mufti on the day to help raise funds for the charity.