B Kinder Day magic spreads

IGS has celebrated B Kinder Day again, an annual day of kindness that aims to empower children and make them aware of their ability to make a difference.

B Kinder Day was created in honour of Billie Kinder, who died in a tragic horse accident at just 12 years of age. Those close to Billie set up B Kinder Day, which encourages children to write cards of kindness to each other.

This year, IGS teachers joined kindness quest, with Year 12 mentors and Heads of Year Ned Manning and Lyndon Kleeman writing each Year 12 student a special card of inspiration and encouragement ahead of their trials next term.

These cards were distributed to the cohort by Head Girl Grace Truman who is an ambassador for Fly High Billie.

In addition to teachers, High School students in Tutor Group were encouraged to write a letter to someone they value and care about, or someone who has been generous to them.

Therese, from Year 12: I think it’s important to be kind and respectful every day and be thankful for the people who bring values in our lives. It’s a good exercise to recognise what’s of value in our lives, that we might take for granted otherwise.

Year 11 and Year 7 peer support students wrote their cards up in the open air on the rooftop.

Tyrone: To me, kindness means when you respect each other and are nice to each other, and positive. Some of the things I am grateful for are to live in a nice area, to have easy access to food and water, and to go to a very nice school.

Zoe: I think it’s nice to let people realise that they are loved. By writing these letters, maybe someone who is having a bad day will feel happier and more loved, because they didn’t realise that people really care about them.

Elizabeth: I think it’s important to share your kindness with other people, especially with cards. They can make everyone happier and make the world a better place.

Peter: I think it’s really important to be grateful to other people and to show them you are thinking about them.