Ava and Lara put a creative spin on the IGS Way poster

Year 6 students have created a graphic for all students to understand the playground behaviour expected at IGS.

The project began last year when Ava and Lara were approached by Mr Bird to create a new IGS play poster. Both students believed it would be an interesting and exciting project to get involved with.

“We wanted an IGS play poster for every year because some kids aren’t confident in reading, or in looking at paragraphs, and the IGS play needs to be read by the whole primary school,” Lara said.

The two new IGS play posters appeal to all students within the primary school with clear text and eye-catching graphics to outline the standard of behaviour expected in the playground.

Ava said they wanted fellow students to grow up to be safe, kind and caring people, indoors and out, and that graphics could be helpful.

We expect that the posters will be put up all around eating areas, playtime areas and classrooms for all to enjoy its supportive, important and inclusive messages.