Arty congratulations

Congratulations to our four Visual Arts students whose works have been selected for exhibition in HSC showcase ARTEXPRESS.

They are:

  • Davis Evans: Drag Dictionary (Lavender Linguistics)
  • Sapphire Goldberg: Type 55 Youth
  • Ruby Keeler-Milne: Dead White Males
  • Hannah Kroeger: My Second Home That Fades Away

“I was really surprised,” said Ruby. “It feels incredibly surreal as ARTEXPRESS is something that I have always visited with my family ever since I was young, so to know that my work could be a part of that is something very exciting.”

“Having grown up surrounded by and loving art, and because my work is about something close to my heart, it was a pleasant surprise,” added Hannah.

“I am excited for ARTEXPRESS and grateful for all the support throughout this year.”

Davis Evans said the selection was an honour.

“I feel very grateful for the encouragement given to me by Mr Malyon and Ms Lampert,” Davis said. “The process was difficult but certainly worth the satisfaction of finishing and the life skills it has taught me.”

Hannah Kroeger with her work My Second Home That Fades Away

In other exciting HSC news for the IGS Class of 2018, A costume designed by Gina Corridore for the musical production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and inspired by the Australian waratah has been nominated for Shape, Head Girl and singer and songwriter Mi-kaisha Masella has been nominated for HSC Music Showcase ENCORE, and six Drama students from the Class of 2018 have been nominated for HSC Drama Showcase OnSTAGE.

Sapphire Goldberg with her work Type 55 Youth