Artistic explorers

Through their own interests, comments, questions, thoughts and actions, IGS Preschool students have been exploring various aspects of art and creativity.

One group focused on exploring “process art” versus “product art”. The process side of art meant getting their hands messy with paint, engaging with the texture and spreading it all over the paper.

The end result wasn’t what was important at this stage – the focus was on being in the moment.

The emphasis is on the ways in which these sensory-based explorations open doorways into the nuances of texture, density, viscosity, fluidity and pliability. (The Language of Art, Pelo 2007)

The children’s enthusiasm for this project was a joy to witness. “It was fun and messy,” said Luna.

Another group of students concentrated on testing out different tools and paint, and seeing what could be created with these materials. Sticks, cotton buds, brushes, leaves and fingers were used as the children painted lines, dots and circles, embellishing their paper with colour.

“I put the stick in all the colours and swirled it around,” said Tally.  

“I’m going to paint on my hand to make a handprint,” said Ethan.

Another group turned their interest towards glue, discovering that it is viscous, pours slowly, and makes interesting patterns when dripped over paper.  

“It’s like honey; it drips slow,” said Denver.

“I want to make big fireworks,” said James.

The IGS Early Learning curriculum enables teachers to support children’s learning.

Educators are responsive to children’s strengths, abilities and interest. They value and build on children’s strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning. (The Early Years Learning Framework, 2009)

We look forward to continuing the artistic learning journey with the Preschool children.