Art and Design: Meet the creatives

Recently arrived IGS Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford is proud to be leading the Art and Design team at IGS.

Drew comes from a background in both Independent and Catholic education, where he has worked in schools in Sydney and the Greater West.

“While I have a love of all practical art forms, my personal passion is for illustration, which also drives my private art making practice,” Drew said.

“It’s very exciting to arrive at a School that has such a proud and supportive relationship with the Arts, and the incredible creative team I have around me demonstrate this every day.

“Helping students to explore their unique creative identity through art and design is a key focus of our shared faculty vision. With this in mind, the team and I are very excited to become more acquainted with the students and staff of IGS, finding opportunities for creative collaboration in the coming year.”

Ksenija Doic (above) has  been at IGS for seven years and teaches Design and Technology and Textiles and Design.

“I love all things creative,” Ksenija said. “I have a degree in Fashion and Textile Design from UTS, and before becoming a teacher I worked as a menswear bespoke tailor and a pattern maker.

“Textiles is where my passions lie, and my mission is to get my students excited and involved in learning about this wonderful subject and have fun along the way. My practice revolves around the notion of knowing my students and building relationships with them, and the subjects I teach are a great vehicle for me to do so.

“I am excited to work with the new Art and Design staff and come up with even more marvellous things for the students to create and learn from.”

New Assistant Director Art and Design Sandra Veljanovski  is thrilled to be at IGS.

She previously taught at various catholic and public schools, as well as overseas.

“I have a strong focus on differentiation and enrichment and have worked on innovative processes to discover gifted and talented students in the creative arts,” Sandra said.

“I am a dedicated Visual Arts teacher who loves all aspects of the subject and has a passion for conceptual practice. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of mediums and my own personal practice.

“Joining the IGS has been very exciting; being in a community that values creativity and assisting students to exceed the creative capabilities is extremely invigorating. I’m looking forward to contributing to this environment in the years to come.”

Isobel Green, above, studied Graphic Design and Visual Arts and worked as a freelance designer (working mostly in magazines) before completing her postgraduate studies in teaching.

“I started my teaching career at Meriden School, a Sydney independent school for girls where I taught for five years before starting at IGS,” Isobel said. “I love that IGS combines their Art and Design departments, as it has allowed me to teach both of my subject areas in one place.”

“I teach both Visual Arts and Design and Technology, with a particular interest in graphic design and textiles. I am passionate about art and design and nurturing creativity amongst students. I believe that every student has creative potential; they just need the skills and confidence to unlock it.

“I already feel so welcomed in this lovely community and am looking forward to the year ahead.”

Mark Devine was a qualified mechanic, before deciding to pursue a teaching degree at UNSW and Latrobe University, Melbourne.

“I have now taught for over 10 years in government and non-government schools, as well as Trade Training Centres, teaching Technology Mandatory and Certificate 2 in Automotive and Manufacturing Studies to VCE Legal Studies and Product Design and Technology (for which I was a state assessor).”

Mark particularly enjoys spending time on side projects that involve restoring motorbikes, cars and furniture.

Sophie Lampert has been working at IGS since 2011.

“I stepped down from my Head of Department position in 2018 and went part-time to enable me to complete a Master of Fine Arts in painting at The National Art School,” Sophie said. “

“Until COVID-19 restrictions arrived, I was working towards an exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery.

“Engaging with the wider arts community has enabled me to simultaneously revitalise my painting and teaching practice.

“This year I am teaching Years 7 and 8 and Stage 5 printmaking. However, after consultation with students, the printmaking class are currently studying ceramics. They are learning hand-building and joining techniques and next term will learn oil painting techniques.”

Artwork by Sophie Lampert, Cosmic Garden, detail, Acrylic on Canvas.