Applause for IGS HSC showcase selection

Congratulations to IGS students Amelie Kenney and Eva-Marie Workman whose Drama major works have been selected for OnSTAGE 2021.

Amelie Kenney was selected for her Critical Analysis Research Project which examined the 2004 play, A Certain Maritime Incident (CMI). She critiqued the inter-related world of politics and theatre.

“The world of politics and theatre shas always appeared to me as integrally interwoven,” she said.

“Theatre practitioners create meaningful performances that comment on the world of politics around them.”

“Politicians use tools of the theatre – the façade of character, the manipulation of truth in a performance – in order to gain power from the electorate. Often, politicians use theatrics to manipulate truth, and occasionally theatre practitioners use their stage to highlight politicians’ abuse of theatrics.”

“My paper aims to examine CMI exposure of the theatricality of politics, and the power of theatre to reveal this.

“The ongoing effect of the theatricality of politics is important in relating this work to our own time.

“Through the analysis of CMI, this paper analyses theatre’s ability to expose how politicians manipulate theatrics and truth for power.”

Amelie said she was “surprised and so happy” to hear about being selected for the ONSTAGE exhibition.

“It is a huge credit to Ms Morabito, the Drama department, my peers and everyone who helped me along the way with feedback and advice,” she said.

“I think Drama can help to grow a unique set of skills, and I have loved developing improved confidence not only on the stage, but within myself. Not only is Drama a thoroughly enjoyable subject to study, because of its practical nature, but it is also one that I believe has improved many aspects of myself as a person. 

“Doing well in Drama requires adaptability, teamwork, creativity and a willingness to accept feedback.  I think an open mind, and a desire to collaborate with others is integral to succeeding in Drama.”

Amelie has recieved an offer to study a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics at ANU.

She plans to take a gap year in 2021, where she hopes to stay in Paris to improve her French.

 “I am sure Drama, and the love for theatre that my studies has inspired will continue after school somehow. I hope to continue to immerse myself within the world of theatre. And of course, post-school life is rarely linear, so I may well decide to pivot my plans and make drama and the theatre a more central part of my life after school.” 

Eva developed a Costume Design for Tartuffe by Moliere. 

“Deception and hidden truths are symbolised in the costume design through the use of sheer and transparent fabrics,” said Eva-Marie Workman.

“For example, my costume design for Tartuffe’s last scene involves him wearing a traditional Korean hat, called a Gai, over an exaggerated horned Louis XIV wig. Stage lighting will be used to shine through the fabric so the audience sees the devil’s horns which represent the true hypocrite and intent of his character.”

The news follows OnSTAGE nominations for eight Drama graduates of the IGS Class of 2020.

Please enjoy the IGS Drama major works virtual showcase 2020.