Another delightful Teddy Bears Picnic at IGS

Principal Shauna Colnan continued our annual Teddy Bears Picnic tradition in the IGS Peace Garden earlier this week, where Kindergarten students were excited to be presented with their IGS bears.

“The Teddy Bears Picnic is one of the many joyful rituals at IGS that tell the children that we’re glad they’re here,” Ms Colnan said.

“I love giving each child an IGS teddy bear in the week before Year 12 leaves.

“There’s something so circular about it, especially when next week, Kindy will give Year 12 students an IGS teddy bear as a leaving gift at the final assembly.”


The children enjoyed spending time with Ms Colnan in the Garden, and were thankful to receive their new friends.


“The children were so happy to skip around The Peace Garden to the sound of Bing Crosby, receive their bears, eat a teddy bear cupcake and tell me about what names they were considering for their new friends,” Ms Colnan said.


“I hope that they will always remember this special day.”

Bears’ new names included Little Ted, Happy, Cupcake, Lemonade, Caramel, Sparkles and more.