An un-bee-lievable fundraising effort for the fires

Proceeds from the PTF's first Rue Kelly secondhand uniform, text and instrument sale will help bee populations recover from the bushfires.g towardspporting

“Bees are amazing creatures who play a crucial part in our ecosystem,” said IGS parent Hayley Dean.

“Without them, we would have no food. We understand that even the smallest of creatures can have an enormous impact.”

When Hayley suggested to IGS Principal Shauna Colnan that IGS fundraise for the Wheen Bee Strategic Bee Rebuild and Recovery Fund, a future-focused organisation working towards long-term bee and industry sustainability she quickly brought the idea to the PTF’s Karen Roberts who was eager to support the organisation.

On Friday 31 January, the PTF held the Rue Kelly second-hand stall, with proceeds going towards the Wheen Bee Foundation Strategic Bee Rebuild and Recovery Fund.

Just over $2000 was raised from the sale.

“We don’t normally have the second-hand sale so early in the year, but, I think it’s a good time to do it,” Karen said.

The fundraiser was a huge success, with many in the IGS community donating to the cause through the purchase of textbooks, mugs, backpacks, and uniforms.

When asked why she’s glad to be helping the cause, Karen said “that’s what we do.”

We thank student Year 11 student Tilli Merton for creating her artwork, below, in support of the campaign.