An oishī picnic under the cherry blossoms

Soaking up the last of Sydney's warm summer breeze, the Preschool and Transition Japanese children enjoyed a picnic in the IGS Peace Garden, celebrating a Japanese event called "お花見/OHANAMI".

Currently in Japan, people enjoy picnics under beautiful cherry blossom trees with an assortment of oishī Japanese delicacies.

Teachers Haruko Watson (Preschool) and Yasuyo Kawashima (Transition) transformed the Peace Garden into a Japanese sanctuary, with miniature cherry blossom trees and tatami mats where the children gathered.

They were delighted when they lifted the lids of Japanese lunchboxes and found hidden goodies waiting for them inside. They spent the rest of the afternoon indulging in fruit salad cups and sticky rice cakes, a popular dessert for Japanese school children.