An emotional farewell for Opal Aged Care residents

IGS students' virtual visits to Opal Aged Care were warmly appreciated by the residents and their families.

The Final Zoom gathering for Term 3  between students of IGS and Opal residents took place on Thursday.

Parents of IGS students joined in on the virtual meeting, where they had the chance to meet their children’s buddies for the first time.

Samantha Heron of Heart and Soul story said it was “another really lovely, emotional session with gorgeous words exchanged by both students and their new Elder friends at Opal.”

Lifestyle Coordinator Katheleen Teaupa, who oversaw the face to face program at Opal Annandale last year said: “It’s amazing to see the program continue, even in a different format and having it online.”

IGS Head of Year 10 said: “It’s been delightful to be a part of the program with an outstanding group of students. They’ve grown in their confidence over the weeks as they’ve been able to get to know the residents,” she said.

“It has been incredible to see the journey from somewhat of a struggle to know what to say at the beginning of the program, to watch the students create lovely moments Of connection with their residents in the later weeks. Reading poems they wrote themselves and singing songs together were some of the highlights.”

IGS thanks Opal Aged Care residents for the opportunity to broaden our students’ experiences through this program.