Amnesty International students inspire change

The Amnesty International Club at IGS held its annual school-wide black and yellow themed mufti day during Refugee Week 2019.

The club aims to raise awareness of the unjust treatment of refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention centres.

Students were invited to donate a gold coin to go towards Amnesty International and their work in campaigning to change government policy.

Talulla Clarkson of Year 8 said she has always been interested in helping other people and that the club was a great opportunity to explore the “deeper issues with what’s going on around us”.

“Refugees go quite unnoticed. Yes, there are border issues here and yes, we’re turning back refugees, but because we are so privileged we don’t really get to see what happens on the other side of things,” she said.

“I think it’s really important that people know that sort of thing does happen.
“The money that’s being raised will hopefully go to a lot of families.
“It’s not a long-term change, but it’s a way to say that we understand what’s going on and we want to be a part of change that helps the cause.”