“amazing Grace” ahead of Father’s Day

The latest episode of amazing Grace reminds us to celebrate each other and our caregivers on Father’s Day.

“I think it is our best so far,” said Grace Truman of Year 9, who features in the series with her mother, Julie.

“It talks about a day that can be really difficult for lots of kids.

“Hopefully the message is you’re not alone, and there is a way to celebrate Father’s Day.”

In other exciting news, Grace and Julie recently travelled to Russia by invitation to the inaugural Russian Web Festival.

“30 of the best web series from around the world were selected for screening and competition,” Grace said.

Grace and Julie were invited to the Festival due to the success of their own web series, amazing Grace, featured in previous editions of InFocus.

Grace thought the best thing about the Festival, in Nizhny Novgorod, a city east of Moscow, was “meeting people from all around the world who were incredibly passionate about web series.”

“The Web Festival taught me much more about the web series community and about the potential for web series,” she said.

“It helped me grow in confidence about travelling and made me more excited about travelling in the future.”

Since then the series has been announced as a finalist at Seriesland Bilbao, with a nomination for Best Music, as well as Grace herself being nominated as Best Starlet.