Alumni profile: Matilda Davis (2014)

Congratulations to IGS Alumna Matilda Davis (2014) whose artwork features at Arthouse Gallery in Rushcutters Bay in an exhibition celebrating women.

The exhibition, I AM HERE, curated by Katherine Hattam, celebrates the work of a diverse group of inter-generational women and runs from 6 to 27 March during Art Month.

Matilda Davis’s works are described as “personal constructions imbued with peculiar characters, lush darkness and latent narrative”.

“Extending from the magical realism genre, complex psychological landscapes composed of particular lexicons come together with forms of molten fluidity,” the description continues.

“These two new paintings featured in I AM HERE show a turn of focus – architecture structures dominate and life is hidden in works that straddle the real and the unreal.

“She has become increasingly interested in unpacking symbols, religion and spirituality and using imagery as a way of mapping out and understanding how they have shaped her world. With a background in theatre her works have a strong sense of theatrics both thematically and in how she constructs her compositions.”


Matilda thanked IGS Art Teacher Sophie Lampert, who she said inspired her to apply for artschool.

“I really attribute the success I’ve found to her encouragement and guidance. She made it seem like a real possibility and something I could strive for,” she said.

“I moved to IGS in Year 9 after being at a strict catholic girls school and wanting to leave school completely. But through my Drama studies and Art classes I found my true passion for artmaking and creating. I took Drama and Art as my Year 12 subjects and put my all into my final projects.

“As Year 12 was wrapping up I had to decide what to do. A seed had been planted and I knew I had to make a big move. Miss Lampert and the Librarians helped me apply to the Victorian College of the Arts and guided me through the process of interviews, portfolios and essays.

“By the end of that summer I had been accepted into my dream school and would be starting classes that following march.”

Matilda completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and graduated with first class honours.

She then went on to have her first solo show.

“My overall advice would be to take risks, be open to critique and feedback and to also ask for help,” Matilda said.

“Artists work as a community and need to stick together, my teachers at IGS taught me that and laid these foundations for me.”

Matilda has won various awards and grants such as the Lionel Gell Foundation Scholarship and the NGV Women’s Association graduating prize.

For more information or to see her work click here.