Alumni profile: Hannah Kitchin (2009)

The recent wildfires in Australia sparked a career change for IGS Alumna Hannah Kitchin (2009).

Hannah moved to British Columbia, Canada, in 2014 and has been living there for almost seven years. She works for the Canadian Government in Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, specifically, in the Wildfire Service Division.

Hannah moved back to Australia for five months in 2019, where she worked in a fire centre’s financial services team, before moving up the ranks into her current position. She is now back in Northern British Columbia.

“I am a corporate services administrator whose main responsibility is the hiring of fire fighters and overseeing the financial and administrative team,” she said.

“Working in wildfire is extremely rewarding because I feel as though I am contributing to society in a more meaningful way.

“The highlight of my job is contributing to society to help protect people’s homes, memories and nature.”

Hannah said IGS gave her the confidence to travel after school.

“It allowed me to see how others lived overseas so I knew I could decide to live and work wherever I chose. It opened my eyes to the possibility of living a fun life, not surrounded by the daily grind, but to ski, mountain bike and be in the outdoors,” Hannah said.

Hannah completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney and is now completing a Masters of Professional Accounting at Deakin University.

“My advice for IGS students would be not to worry about having a plan for your career. If you are unsure of what you want to do just keep doing the things you enjoy and eventually you will realise what you want to do,” she said.

“The biggest successes in life are to laugh, not be too serious and enjoy what is thrown in front of you.

“I originally steered clear of accounting in my Bachelor’s degree with a preconceived idea that accounting was boring and I would be stuck in an office all day.

“However, as I fell into the career after University, I realised every type of business needed an accountant or financial help, so the career comes with incredible flexibility, especially in terms of working remotely and internationally.”

When recalling her fondest memories of IGS, Hannah said her teachers were the highlight of IGS experiences.