All-round IGS champions

IGS would like to congratulate Jessica Trevelyan and William Salkeld of Year 12 who made the NSW All-Round Achievers List for 2018!

Students who achieve results in the top band for at least 10 units of HSC courses are recognised in the List.

Will and Jess at Speech Night 2018

Having only two hours sleep the night before the HSC mark release date due to nerves, Will said it was “wonderful” to discover his results.

“From day one of Year 12 I had set my goal as getting on the All-Round Achievers List with the pretext that it was a bit ambitious, a bit too much of an ask and that if I didn’t get it I would still be content with everything I had learned both in and out of the classroom during Year 12,” Will said.

“So of course, it was a pleasant surprise and a huge honour to make the list, and I’m completely indebted to my parents, brother, teachers and mentors for carrying me through such a marathon of a school year.”

Will thanked IGS staff for their “boundless support and dedication”.

“Getting on the All-Rounders Achievers List was a testament to the fact that I had six teachers, two tutors and a mentor who went above and beyond their duties in what can only be described as a labour of love and passion,” he said.

“The countless lunchtimes, unplanned overtime and even school holidays my teachers spent teaching and guiding my work always made sure that I not only pushed the boundaries of my results, but of what could be learned with rigorous curiosity.

“These teachers know who they are, and I hope they know how grateful I am.”

Will explained the best part of Year 12 was that if you’re lucky enough like he was, “every subject you pick becomes a favourite, and choosing between Modern History and Drama is like comparing apples and oranges”. He loved them both.

“I personally loved Italian beginners for the opportunity it gave me to go on exchange, and I’ll always have a soft spot for Drama and Music because they got my head out of the books and into these wonderful environments where creativity and learning are synonymous.”

Just days ago Will decided that his next steps will be to take a gap year, spending six months working, creating and playing music, and the following six travelling through Europe and eventually Nepal and India.

He then hopes to study a Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a Bachelor of Languages majoring in Arabic at the Australian National University (ANU), and is excited at the places this could take him.

Will’s advice for younger students: “work often, work consistently, re-work, scrap an idea if it doesn’t sit right, and if you’ve given yourself enough time you will have created something you love without spoiling it with stress.”

“Ask yourself why you’re completing the HSC and everything becomes clearer and easier to work towards” and “make the most of what IGS has to offer while you can, even if it doesn’t mean getting traditionally academic results”.

Jessica Trevelyan’s interests in maths and sciences helped her shine, with an ATAR of 99.85.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to extend myself with the Mathematics Extension 2 course, however I discovered a love of Chemistry through studying it in more depth during the preliminary and HSC course, and now plan to continue with Chemistry for university,” said Jessica.

“My interest in Biology also grew through the HSC, and I was very surprised to discover I placed 9th in the state! I also began to enjoy English as I gained confidence and was able to delve deeper into the texts we studied.

“I am planning to take a gap year to travel in 2019, then I hope to study a Bachelor of Philosophy – Science at ANU, a research-focused degree that culminates with a research project in the fourth year.

“I am very grateful for the hugely supportive environment at IGS, and for all my encouraging teachers, answering my questions and marking countless past papers, essays and study notes. Their support was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

“My advice to younger students would be to set goals and work towards them, but not to become discouraged by setbacks.

“Stay involved in IGS’ fantastic co-curricular program, and take advantage of opportunities to extend yourself beyond the classroom. Doing Mock Trial and Debating during Year 11 and 12 provided a welcome escape from the stress of the exams, and helped me develop skills I will carry far beyond the HSC.”

Our warmest congratulations to Will and Jessica and all students of the Class of 2018 who made the most of their opportunities at IGS.

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