All hands up to Close the Gap

Indigenous and non-Indigenous students joined forces to Close the Gap, creating a wall of hands at the IGS gate.

“National Close the Gap Day on Thursday 18 March is a National day of action. We at IGS pledged our support for achieving Indigenous health and education equality. We are committed to playing a part to achieve these goals through working together with our local community to establish and maintain positive relationships and respect,” said Red Earth Indigenous Immersion Coordinator Lucy Howard-Shibuya.

“For over 80,000 years First Nations People have cared for the land and waters of Australia, always nurturing the environment through their strong connection to Country. They have passed down culture, stories and song. They have raised generations of strong, resilient and resourceful people who are the oldest surviving culture in the world.”

To mark the event, education workshops took place in tutor groups, where students discussed the importance of closing the gap.

“Students signed a pledge to commit to working towards closing the gap and supporting First Nations communities by listening, hearing their stories and sharing their stories,” Lucy Sensei said.

Students and staff came together to build an IGS Closing the Gap Wall of Hands at the front of our School, symbolic of our support and commitment to achieving health and education equality for all Australians.

Our Aboriginal students and Year 12 Leaders led this initiative with Head of Indigenous Education and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade
Carr and Lucy Sensei, with members of the community.

“I think it’s really important to take part so people are aware of the issues from a young age, to learn to support and learn from Aboriginal communities,” said Year 11 student Harriet Ryder.

The many pledges included:

  • Recognising and honouring First Nations people
  • Educating others about Indigenous culture
  • Educating myself and others about Aboriginal traditions, cultures and rights 
  • Honouring and celebrating the beauty and richness of First Nations history and culture
  • Supporting initiatives
  • Listening and learning
  • Challenging and growing.

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