Alice creates book questioning pollution

It’s not fair that other living things have to suffer because of human laziness, says Year 5 IGS student Alice Moss Radcliffe.

Alice began learning about pollution in class last Term and felt so passionate about it that she decided to write and illustrate a short rhyming book from the perspectives of the animals living in the reef.

Her book, Down under the Reef, takes readers on a journey of what it’s really like living in the sea.

The last page of the book is what she hopes really connects with her readers, and is her own favourite page.

Alice has very carefully illustrated a turtle, showing the impact of plastic bags, straws, and other items clogged up inside the turtle.

“Every time I see a documentary about the pollution it makes me really sad. I don’t think it’s fair that the animals have to suffer from us being lazy,” Alice said.

“Follow me down under the reef where me and my friend would play all day until we all had to run away,” her rhyming book reads.

“Soon all the coral turned dull and grey and the only life form was me to stay.

“This is why you are here with me so we can show you what it is like down under the reef.”

Alice, whose father is a book publisher and aunt is an author, said she was inspired by her family to make a change.

In her notebook, Alice wrote down her ideas, worked on the words and then drew the pictures.
From start to finish, she said it took her around two days to do.

Alice plans to enter her book into a competition, so her message can get out.

“I do hope I will get the message across and it will become less of a problem.”

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