Alec Burke Design and Technology Gallery

Design and Technology Major Work Exhibition by Alec Burke.

My Major Design Project was inspired by the topic of first aid and how lifestyle diseases such as heart disease are affecting Australian society.

A second influence towards my project was the fact that as a 17-year-old, I was learning to drive. This required me to be more aware of the types of dangers that came with the responsibility of driving a car, and road safety in general. 

I found myself interested in designing a product that could help in the first aid treatment for human casualties in road accidents, as well as provide general road assistance and basic safety equipment for drivers when faced with other minor driving incidents. 

My aim was to design a product that could help people on the roads to stay safe and hopefully, save lives. I would like to try to help save people’s lives and to help stop other families from losing people they love and hold dear to them. That’s why my Major Design Project is to help people in emergency road situations, to provide tools and instructions that could help save lives and help prevent further injury in a crash.

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