Aidan Hale secures early University offer

Congratulations to IGS Class of 2021 student Aidan Hale, who received an early offer from UTS to study a Bachelor of Communications Majoring in Journalism.

“I remember waking up, seeing the email and just feeling a massive wave of relief wash over me,” Aidan said.

“It felt really good to have some sort of security for the future in a course that I have a keen interest in, especially with the amount of stress that COVID has piled onto all of us.

“I told my mum the news the morning of and she started tearing up.” 

Aidan is keen to pursue a career in Communications or the Arts.

“My main goal is to have that financially support me while I work up a portfolio for NIDA’s Master of Fine Arts – Writing for Performance, which I guess you could consider my dream course,” he said.

“This is probably my main inspiration into this chosen field, along with the support from my friends and family, of course.”

Aidan credited the English Extension 2 Course for inspiring his decision.

“The experience I had in making something I was proud to call my own developed my interest in a course that would propel my writing skills even further.

“So, big props to all my Extension 2 teachers, IGS Principal Shauna Colnan, Mr Thom Marchbank and Ms Susie Bolt,” he said.

“I think the highlight of being a student at IGS was the fact it was an open and welcoming environment where I could discover and cultivate my talents.

“Having discussions with my Mentor Mr Ned Manning about things I wanted to implement in my English Extension 2 play or worries I was having with my languages, and being able to have collaborative rehearsals with my peers and improve in those subjects through tutoring…

“Those acts of kindness are experiences as a student I could never forget.”