‘Adventure is everywhere’

Year 8 PDHPE students were thrilled to meet National Geographic representatives Caroline and Jonesy who proclaimed the benefits of leading adventurous lives.

“Caroline is a former Miss Australia turned adventurer, so she spoke about body image, social media use, self worth and using your body, rather than looking at it, comparing it to others or just taking photos of it,” said IGS PDHPE teacher Veronica Whitaker.

“Jonesy is a world record holding adventurer who kayaked from Australia to New Zealand, skied to the south pole and back and crossed the Australian desert on foot.

“His stories revolved around responsible risk taking, pushing your body and mind to do extraordinary things, perseverance, and dealing with failure.”

Students considered:

  • why we should live an adventurous life, and the intrinsic benefits
  • how children can safely include adventure in their planning
  • that adventure is an attitude and a healthy, active lifestyle choice
  • what it means to be resilient and adaptable in rapidly changing environments
  • the benefits of “failure” and that failure is a vital part of success
  • the healthy balance between bravery and fear
  • how to set big, hairy, audacious goals and implement a growth mindset
  • how to instill within themselves an innate sense of self-worth by earning it through experiences
  • “logging off and living” by striking a healthy balance in the digital world and positively navigating social media
  • realistic perspectives on body image and appearance.

“I loved hearing about their adventures and the stories that came with them,” said one student. “The main message I took away was that people will tell us we can’t do things or people will put us down, but in the end it’s what we see and what we can achieve and what we decide that allows us to step out of our boundaries, love ourselves and achieve goals.”

Adventure in focus
Adventure in focus

Other main messages students shared in feedback about the lesson:

  • “Be who you are and do what you love.”
  • “Adventure is everywhere.”
  • “Nothing is real online and you shouldn’t compare yourself to any of it.”
  • Commit to things you want to do and to have self confidence.”