Adding celebrations and colour to the classroom

A group of Kindergarten students were treated to a special art class earlier in the week, in celebration of the Indian festival of Holi.

The class were fortunate to welcome IGS parent Samantha to share details of the festival with students and engage in a practical art-making lesson, filled with colour!

Holi is an ancient Hindu spring festival, which usually occurs in late March. To celebrate, people cover themselves in powder paint and fill the streets of colour and joy.

Enjoying the celebration of Holi

The Kindergarten students enjoyed their own take on the festival, by drawing a picture of themselves, and then adding the powder paint on top of their sketches.

Powder paint used in the Holi art-making lesson

Xanthia: “I used lots of orange and yellow, because they are happy colours, and I wanted to make mine really happy.”

The School appreciates opportunities such as this to learn more about and take part in various cultural traditions and celebrations across the School.

Sketching before adding lots of colour