Act of kindness

The spirit of generosity and consideration of others has long been a part of the IGS culture, expressed in different ways.

Inspired by a presentation on kindness by Head of Year 8 and Music educator Sarah Travis, four Year 8 students went out of their way this week to celebrate IGS Maintenance staff by inviting them to enjoy morning tea on the balcony of the Reg St Leon building.

Ruby, Macy, Iris and Kaija prepared cupcakes and other morning tea items for the Maintenance staff to enjoy.

“We came up with the idea to help acknowledge that we are really grateful to the Maintenance staff for all the work that they do around the School,” Ruby said.

“We also wanted to get to know the staff and put names to the faces that we see so often,” said Macy.

“This has been the first organised project since Ms Travis’ presentation, but I’m sure many other groups of friends are planning ideas,” Macy added.

The morning tea was thoroughly enjoyed by the Maintenance staff, who said they felt humbled by the group’s thoughtfulness.

“I really enjoyed this morning tea, and it’s been fun getting to know the staff,” Iris said.

The group are now exploring new ways to thank other members of the school community.

“We’d like to do another one in the future to thank other groups of staff who don’t always get acknowledged by students,” Macy said.

“It’s also good way for us to meet people,” Ruby said.