Accolades for teachers

Congratulations to four IGS teachers who have gained "proficiency" in their profession.

Congratulations to the two new teachers and two teachers trained overseas who were awarded their NESA certification by IGS Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development Irina Braun this week.

French teacher Gabriela Melocco and Science teacher Brenda Ring, both new teachers, and Italian teacher Sabrina Casu and German teacher Romana Stjepanovic, who trained overseas, join their credentials to those of other IGS teachers.

“I am incredibly proud of all of these teachers,” Irina said. “It’s a rigorous process. It makes you reflect on your teaching.

“Most importantly, you evaluate your purpose. You consciously redirect your efforts to make a greater impact on your students. It makes you go beyond preparing your lessons. you reflect on what you want to achieve for every student in your class. It’s another level of expertise.”

Gabriela said she had been working on the upgrade since June last year.

“It’s a long process,” Gabriella said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s really good for reflecting on your teaching practice. It pushes you, requiring you to get feedback on your teaching, and to read up on pedagogy.

“I feel like all that hard work really paid off.”

Sabrina said she felt a sense of achievement. “It made me reflect a lot on my role as a teacher. We know that it’s important.”

Irina is now working with eight other colleagues who are upgrading their skill levels to “experienced”.