Accolades for IGS Science teacher

Congratulations to IGS Science teacher Amy Cao on achieving accreditation at Proficient Teacher level.

“Teacher accreditation is the structured process through which teachers are recognised as meeting the Standards,” said High School Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development Irina Braun.

“Accreditation as such ensures the integrity and accountability of the profession. It also recognises the significance of teaching as a profession, and the position of trust and responsibility teachers have in society.

She described Amy’s level of achievement and skills as “highly commendable”.


“I am grateful to have worked with Amy because she is an inspirational teacher. If I would have had a Science teacher like Amy when I was a student, my path possibly would have been a different one.”

Amy said she loved teaching because it gave her the opportunity to watch her students grow and learn.

“I love being able to connect over shared learning experiences and that I have a chance to positively influence their lives,” Amy said.

She said she loves the fact that science helps explain the world.

“I think it is fascinating to know how things work and why they work the way that they do,” she said.

“There are so many things that we take for granted when we use them every day. It’s also a subject area which is constantly evolving and so pertinent for the skills that students need after they leave school.


“I love the uniqueness of our students and the connectedness I feel among staff and students. It is something that I wish I had during my own high school experience.”

She said she felt proud and relieved to have achieved her accreditation, as she’d hoped her submissions were a true reflection of what she values in her work.

She described the experience as rewarding, adding it allowed her to reflect on her subject and her role as an educator.