Accolades for IGS artists

IGS warmly congratulates nine Visual Arts HSC students nominated for ARTEXPRESS.

They include Jack Collee, Sasha Gonzalez-Malcolm, Venus Lacoste, Harrison McTavish, Greta Miller, Ruby Olsson, Isabella Pinson, Isabelle Campbell and Phoebe Horgan.

Greta, whose work Mute is pictured above, said she was “very, very excited” her work had been nominated for the NESA showcase.

She described her work as an expression of the hard work students put into their high school education.

“It celebrates and draws attention to the energy and effort it takes to do your best for the HSC,” Greta said.   

Isabella Pinson’s artwork, Working Hands, showcased “a fleeting moment” in her parents’ lives and was designed to give them credit for working to give her an education.

“My father is shown cooking in the restaurant, and my mother is shown holding a book,” she said. “She is a writer and an academic.”


Harry McTavish said he found the HSC level Visual Arts course captivating and satisfying, as it involved discovery and deep exploration of artists and movements, as well as the creation of his work, Father, Uncle and Son.

Phoebe Horgan said she was thrilled that her work, Das Nichts, was nominated.

“It is an honour,” Phoebe said. “I want to do interior architecture next year. To think I am actually good at it is incredible.”

“I am so happy for all of us.”  

Part of Belle Campbell’s work, Family Portraits, appears directly below.

“It is a piece that investigates and deconstructs the layers of memory and sentimental value embedded in family photos,” Belle said.