A warm welcome to IGS careers advisor

IGS welcomes Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips.

The former Business Studies teacher said she loves working one on one with students to help them find out more about potential careers, and also presenting to larger groups about their opportunities.

While Year 12 students are likely to meet her one on one this year, she will also be working closely with Year 10 students who will shortly undergo Career Avenues testing.

While some students had in mind exactly what path they would follow, others were unsure.

“Students come to me all the time asking what they should do,” she said.

“It’s absolutely fine not to know. Most of us will evolve over our life time, undergoing shifts and changes for various reasons.

When students have to make a decision about further education or next steps, they need to reflect on where they might see themselves, for example helping people, taking on different tasks or working behind a desk.

“They need to stop and reflect. I will be asking them about their favourite subjects, their likes and dislikes. Life-long decision making requires being able to gather information from reliable sources, seeking out a network of family, friends and their families.

“Have those conversations. Start finding out more about what interests you. Try different things and see whether you enjoy them.”

Amelia is based in the Counselling Suite on Level 1 of the Reg St Leon Building in Kelly Street.