A warm welcome for Wilcannia Central School

A group of students and staff from Wilcannia Central School visited IGS earlier in the week to explore the School and learn more about STEAM.

Travelling more than 14 hours from Wilcannia in central NSW, the students were excited to delve into some of our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) activities.

Chemistry Educator and STEAM Innovator Claire Loh, Academic Mentor – Indigenous Students and Stage 6 Aboriginal Studies Teacher Jade Carr, and students of the IGS Robotics (rIGS) team welcomed the Wilcannia students.


The students worked together to build and demonstrate robots, which were sponsored by the IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) Association and presented as a gift to the Wilcannia students as they departed.


“Our goal is much like IGS, in that we want to equip students with skills to make them valuable members of their community and beyond,” said Wilcannia Central School Visual Arts and Design Educator Lily Ferres.

Ms Ferres previously worked at IGS and was eager to journey back to the School and give her students the opportunity to experience learning programs at IGS not currently possible at their school.


As the robots can identify lines and colours to follow as maps, Ms Ferres explained that they’d “like to create an interactive mural artwork back at the school using lines that the robots can then trace”.

“Wilcannia is a small, positive and friendly community and, much like IGS, it’s one big family,” Ms Ferres said.

Students from both schools collaborated to produce fantastic robots, whose skills were put to the test in an enjoyable circuit race.