A warm welcome and best wishes for our community in 2019

IGS and the Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) Association would like to thank all who were able to attend the recent "Welcome to Parents and Caregivers event" and those who made it possible.

“The annual IGS Welcome Event provides an opportunity for caregivers, parents and teachers to connect in an informal and relaxed environment,” said PTF President Andrea Belunek.


“For families beginning their journey at the School, it is important to start creating relationships and support networks for the years ahead.

“As parents and caregivers, we make this journey with our dedicated teachers; everyone working together to encourage and support our children.”


Andrea shared the importance of communication within our community.

“In a world which seems to encourage a pace of life that is ever increasing, we need to make conscious decisions to come together ‘in real time’,” she said.


Andrea encourages parents and caregivers to take part in “one other IGS community event this year that allows you to meet and interact with other parents, caregivers and teachers”.

“It could be the Primary Disco, a sports carnival, International Day, a School Community Meeting or one of the wonderful Community Learning Program events.”

She also shared an adapted quote from Brene Brown: “Be Here. Be You. Belong. This community belongs to all of us,” she said. 

“On behalf of the PTF, my best wishes to everyone at IGS for 2019.”