A time to dance

Early Learning and Transition students were treated to a dance party in their playground.

Nicola, in Transition Green enjoyed playing “duck duck goose” with her parents and friends. 

Her mum, Helen, said she couldn’t believe the staff had put this on for the children and loved seeing the kids having so much fun.

Early Learning Teacher Robeka said the children fell in love with the art of dance last term.

“It has become a classroom ritual and every Tuesday afternoon we immerse ourselves in open, free and spontaneous dance,” Robeka said.

Most importantly, they love the essence of friendship and togetherness that dance brings to the class.

“Children brought their love of dance home and started to discuss what they were doing in class with their families,” she said.

‘Excitement started to grow, ideas began to flourish and it seemed like the only thing left to do was to throw a community dance party.”

The children made their own playlist for the party and even participated in games such as limbo and the sack race.

“Families got the opportunity to witness first hand the love of dance that had grown deep within the children,” she said.

“They were given the opportunity to connect with other families in our early learning community in an electrifying atmosphere.

“Most importantly, families were able to create long lasting memories with one another and perhaps even bring back some of their own treasured childhood memories.”