A Taste of Honey at Belvoir Street

IGS congratulates alumnus Thuso Lekwape (2011) who stars in Belvoir Street Theatre’s recent production A Taste of Honey.

Belvoir Street Theatre account:
Jo is in her teens, pregnant, and on her own since her African boyfriend went back to sea. But she’s always had to find her own way in her working-class neighbourhood: Dad never existed, and Mum – well, Mum has run away from home to shack up with a car salesman. Jo meets art student Geoff at a funfair; he’s got nowhere to go since his landlady threw him out for being gay. So they set up an unconventional family – until Jo’s Mum comes crashing back into their sweet little life.

Thuso plays Jimmie, a sailor and Jo’s boyfriend.

The production will be on until 19 August. Find out more and purchase tickets.

Thuso Lekwape as Jimmie